Dec 252015

NFC logoAnd here we have another NFC-enabled banking card for contactless payment, this time it’s a VISA credit card issued by [Card Complete Austria]. Might I add, this is one of the few companies which also still leisurely prints the full credit cards’ numbers on their invoices, which are then being sent out via regular postal mail, clearly showing off what those letters are on the envelope. Good Job, Card Complete, especially your reply regarding the matter, telling me that “it’s okay, no need to change that”! bash

In any case, I’ve written about this whole NFC thing before in much greater detail, [see here]! That article will show you the risks involved when working with potentially exploitable NFC cards, which mostly pose a data leaking problem. But you may wish to read the comments there as well, especially [this one here]. This shows that VISA cards tend(ed?) to be extremely vulnerable up to the point where a person walking by close enough to your wallet could actually draw money from your credit card without you noticing.

I have no idea whether this security hole still exists in todays’ NFC-enabled VISA cards, but I’m no longer gonna take that risk. Especially not since I don’t even need the NFC tech in that (or any other) banking card. Once again, we’re just gonna physically destroy the induction coil that powers the NFC chip in the card and which also operates as its antenna. Since I’m lazy, I didn’t do the “poor mans’ x-ray” photos this time (you can see how to do that in the first NFC post), just before and after pictures:

So, before:

As you can see, there are already signs of use on this card. Yeah, I’ve been lazy, running around with an NFC enabled VISA for too long already. Time to deal with it then:

Finding a good spot for my slightly oversized drilling head wasn’t so easy on this card, because the card numbers, signature field, magnetic strip and other parts like the hologram where in the way. But in the end I managed to drill a hole in about the right spot. Because of the heavy image editing you can’t see it, but I did damage the first of my credit cards’ numbers, but only slightly, so it should still be o.k., just a bit of paint that came off.

So, once again: You’re not welcome in my wallet, so bye bye, NFC!