May 092015

NetworkJust so everybody knows, UPC – my Internet provider – will be doing routine maintenance work on Wednesday, the 13th of May in 2015, because they have to do… yeah, “stuff”. That’s how specific they are, technically. In any case, the time window for this maintenance will be 01:00am – 06:00am UTC+1 DST, so if you cannot reach any service during that time frame, you’ll know why. Naturally, that’ll affect this weblog just as well as all other services I’m offering, like eMail, FTP+ES, IRC, etc. Please note that given my past experience it may very well happen that this maintenance window will be… uhm… let’s say “accidentally extended” by UPC due to reasons nobody will talk about. So if you still can’t reach any of my services at 07:00am UTC+1 DST, then yeah… chances are it’s not me to blame, at least not this time around.

So let’s just hope it’ll just be only a few minutes of blackness this time, eh?