Jan 242018
The Internet

It hasn’t happened for a while, but here’s another one: Due to my internet service provider having to do maintenance in the local automatic exchange hub, XIN will go offline for a tiny bit. The time window during which all *.xin.at services will briefly become unreachable will range from 01:00 am to 06:00 am UTC+1 on the 31st of January 2018. According to UPC (my ISP), the total downtime should not exceed 20 minutes per internet access, and is being used to do “infrastucture maintenance” and “network optimization”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

I guess this shouldn’t really hurt XIN.at’s 99% availability too much though (yeah, I’m still aiming for that with that 23 year old tank of a server).

Apr 292016

The InternetAnd here we go again… Wednesdays. Well, on Wednesday, 2016-05-04 my internet service provider will have to do some undefined maintenance again, and that’s supposed to be happening in between 01:00 – 06:00 am. According to my provider UPC, there will be several short periods of unavailability of service about 15 minutes long. Of course they’ll do everything as quickly and properly as possible as to not to interrupt their customers’ services too much – or so they say. So, once again:

Wed, 2016-05-04, 01:00 am – 06:00 am UTC+1 – Expect several short downtimes in that time frame!

Oh, and in case anyone noticed (nah, I know you didn’t…), sorry for that unannounced downtime on Thu, 2016-04-21. Should’ve been roughly from 03:00 pm – 07:00 pm UTC+1. This was done for two reasons:

  1. The WinSSL layer had broken down permanently (LsaSrv) due to a bug. When that happens, only a reboot can fix it. There is only one service relying on WinSSL instead of OpenSSL or GnuTLS, but it’s an important one that I do not wish to operate without a cryptography option, as it’s endangering the privacy of my users.
  2. The OS hard drive had shown signs of sectors becoming defective. This called for an analysis to see what areas of the file system had taken damage. Luckily, it only got some $I30 index files (deleted files still being referenced) and one unimportant IPCache.dat, which is just a local DNS cache file of a single service. Also, if the state would be recoverable, a full backup was in order.

So, the file system errors have been repaired, and defective blocks have been marked, restoring proper, consistent operation. Since the drive is no longer to be considered reliable enough, I decided to take the extra time to create a fresh full backup / system image of the operating systems’ and services’ current state, so when “C:” does die, I can restore without too much hassle. The last full backup was too old anyway, with a lot of important stuff already missing by now.

Got any flawlessly working U160/U320 68-pin SCSI drives >=36GB that you could part with? ;) If so, post in the comments, let me know how much you want for it. ;) And maybe don’t try to post in the time noted above. :)

Nov 202015

The InternetIn recent days, there sure are more maintenances scheduled for the DSL infrastructure in my town. So here’s another one: Next Wednesday (it seems it’s always Wednesdays), 2015-11-25 my server and all of its services including this weblog may go offline in between 00:00 a.m. UTC+1 and 06:00 a.m. UTC+1 for any arbitrary time. As usual, my ISP says “we’re going to work as fast as possible”, but you never know, right? So there you have it. Last time it lasted about an hour if I remember correctly, and the time before it was about as long as well. So I guess the downtime’s going to be in the same ballpark roughly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they don’t mess up my being hooked up to the correct DSLAM again…

Oct 012015

The InternetAnd here we have another one: Next Wednesday on the 7th of October, starting from midnight UTC+1 and lasting until 06:00am UTC+1 there will be network outages that may make all my services – this weblog included as well – unavailable. I’m guessing that the line will be down only for minutes, at most half an hour like last time, but you never know with my internet service provider. Could very well be down for hours. So if you can’t reach any XIN services on 2015-10-07, 00:00am – 06:00am UTC+1, that’s why. As usual, the company did not give any details as to the nature of the maintenance work being done on that day. So there you have it.

And in case you’re wondering about the lack of posts in recent weeks*: The Anime madness is still ongoing, and I’m still not tired of it. Heh, maybe I’ll just post some Anime-related stuff next? It’s not like my RAID-6 storage project is really coming along due to lack of hard drives anyway. Maybe during Christmas (It’s not like that wasn’t planned for last years Christmas, uhmm…).

*I’m still pretending that somebody actually reads this!

Jul 022015

NetworkIt seems that two months after the last maintenance in May another one needs to be done on 2015-07-08 around 00:00 AM – 06:00 AM UTC+1. Again this means that all XIN.at services may see some downtime during this period, this weblog included. So no eMail server, no web server, no anything. By trend these maintenances tend to put me offline for short periods of time only, but who knows what UPCs gonna do. Just so you know.

May 092015

NetworkJust so everybody knows, UPC – my Internet provider – will be doing routine maintenance work on Wednesday, the 13th of May in 2015, because they have to do… yeah, “stuff”. That’s how specific they are, technically. In any case, the time window for this maintenance will be 01:00am – 06:00am UTC+1 DST, so if you cannot reach any XIN.at service during that time frame, you’ll know why. Naturally, that’ll affect this weblog just as well as all other services I’m offering, like eMail, FTP+ES, IRC, etc. Please note that given my past experience it may very well happen that this maintenance window will be… uhm… let’s say “accidentally extended” by UPC due to reasons nobody will talk about. So if you still can’t reach any of my services at 07:00am UTC+1 DST, then yeah… chances are it’s not me to blame, at least not this time around.

So let’s just hope it’ll just be only a few minutes of blackness this time, eh?